A haggis for all seasons Traditionally kept as a Burns Night special, the humble haggis is having a revamp. A conventional recipe for this savoury Scotch pudding usually contains (for the squeamish amongst us look away now!) minced sheep’s pluck (heart, liver and lungs) with diced onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt; mixed together with stock. And now for the slightly queasy part…the above is traditionally encased in said sheep’s stomach and cooked. Although these days, more often than not, an artificial cellulose casing is used as a substitute. Phew. Having said all that, if you’ve ever tried haggis, you’ll know it’s incredibly tasty, moreish and savoury. Delish on chilly winter nights with neeps and tatties. Yum. Certainly an experience not to be missed if you’re visiting Scotland! It’s thought that the origins of this famous dish stem from ancient hunting; that offal cooked inside the killed animal’s stomach from the day’s hunt was a nutritious and convenient way to feed the hungry party. These days, however, the haggis has upped its game. Festivals are held throughout the year to celebrate this landmark dish, including the Highland Haggis Festival; and there’s even a sport dedicated to its name – the World Haggis Hurling Championship. The haggis has also evolved now with various different yummy varieties available. Royal Scotch Haggis is a beautifully rich and sumptuous version which replaces the lamb element with venison; whilst for an added kick, test out the Whisky Haggis which combines traditional lamb-based haggis with a dash of our very own Scotch Whisky. Scotland’s two finest culinary delights in one! What more could you ask for? And for the veggies amongst us (or for those who can’t stomach the thought of a traditional meat-based haggis!) there’s no need to miss out on the authentic experience. Opt for the Vegetarian Haggis which uses a tasty blend of vegetables, oatmeal and spices. All made in Scotland using traditional, authentic recipes, our haggis range needs no refrigeration and comes in handy, sealed tins. Each decorated in a colourful scotch tartan design, they make a memorable gift to take home too. So don’t wait until Burns Night - make haggis a part of your menu all year round. Visit our haggis web page for the full range and varieties