When asked to name three things Scotland is most famous for, it can be hard to narrow it down. This is the country that gave the world television, penicillin and the telephone. However, the likelihood of these answers coming up in a straw poll is fairly small, as Scotland's biggest and most famous exports seem to always, inevitably, be named as whisky, haggis and tartan. The latter sits quite oddly in the world, as there are some who see it as a subversive fashion statement (see Vivienne Westwood's punk collections from the 1970s) while others see it as a pattern which old men wear while wandering around the golf course. Whatever your personal opinion on tartan, there is no denying it has lasted a very long time. From the battlefields and small Scottish townships of old to Victorian times, when it was seen as exclusive and for the landed gentry, due to its close association with the military and aristocracy, it has endured. As mentioned above, by the 1970s, when punk was well on the go, Vivienne Westwood turned tartan's image on its head by giving it an irreverent, rock and roll image, which went against the establishment at the time. These two visions of tartan have, rather than clash, worked together, allowing those who want an edgier look to pick pieces by designers such as Henry Holland, while those who like the aristocratic feel of tartan can try the collections of Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren. Now, tartan is moving more into the mainstream, giving those who aren't feeling the punk movement or can't afford a designer label price tag, the chance to give it a go. Topshop are launching a new designer collection by J.W Anderson, which includes two pairs of cropped tartan trousers and tartan tops. Continuing the Scottish theme, his collection also includes kilt style skirts.


Tartan has also been spotted recently on celebrities, as Gwen Stefani was seen sporting a pair of red tartan trousers the other week. But worry not, gentlemen, it's not only ladies who can wear tartan away from traditional kilts. Several men's designers have also been showing off their wares which involve tartan. New York company Duckie Brown is one of these, as well as British designers Rag and Bone. The latter's collection also included their own take on the traditional kilt, showing that classic Scottish design is very much in right now. So, why not take advantage of this sudden love of tartan and get yourself some tartan trews from our website. They are incredibly versatile, as all tartan is these days, and can certainly jazz up a wardrobe. For ladies, we have our Billie kilts in a variety of tartans and for non-kilt wearers there are several tartan hats and shoes to choose from. Perfect for adding a little splash of colour to an outfit.


Of course, for those with more traditional tastes, there is always the standard, humble kilt, which has remained a great staple of Scottish fashion over the years and will clearly remain there for a very long time.