Summer may have barely ended, but already that dreaded word is passing through people's lips: Christmas. While it seems impossible anyone could possibly be mentioning the day of the year that always seems so far away and yet somehow always manages to creep up on us unsuspectingly as we stick our scarves on, get ready for Autumn and remind ourselves it's not even Halloween yet, already the day of tinsel and turkey is being mentioned in the news. This week, it was announced that several mobile phone networks will be offering the radical new 4G mobile internet speed to its customers by Christmas (when else?) meaning there will be a raft of fancy new phones coming out with this technology, including a new iPhone. Not only that, but according to The Guardian, the race to be Christmas number one in the world of books has already begun, as several well known celebs release their tomes over the coming weeks. Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver will be releasing new cookbooks, Olympic Heptathlete Jessica Ennis will be hoping her autobiography does well, as will Clare Balding, and JK Rowling will finally have her first adult novel hitting the shelves. By December, the best releases from now until then will have risen to the top of the charts. If you think Christmas book releases and new phone announcements are jumping the gun, well they are nothing compared to one pub owner in Linlithgow who has already bedecked his bar in Christmas decorations including a Christmas tree. The owner, Noel Brown, (the irony certainly isn't lost on us) has defended his early festivities by stating they are part of a promotion to get people to book early for Christmas meals. Speaking to the Daily Record, he said, "It’s never too early to start planning and budgeting for the most costly time of the year. That way, everybody can then look forward to a stress-free Christmas." Despite the unusual decision, Noel has a point. Here at the Scotland Kilt Company we are just getting our Christmas stock in, ready for the rush when people start snapping up their presents. We would urge you to start ordering now, even if it seems a little early, simply due to the fact that the closer it gets to Christmas, the busier we get, and the busier our suppliers get. So if you were planning on ordering a made to measure kilt for your husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, or whoever the lucky person may be, do it now so there is plenty of time to get it made to your specifications before the inevitable last minute rush. Now that this public service announcement is out of the way, remember it is still only September and breathe a sigh of relief. Here is a picture of Santa in a kilt:


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