5 Yard Casual kilts

5-yard kilts are a traditional kilt, made up of 5 yards of tartan fabric wrapped around the waist. The 5-yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile kilt, showcasing fewer pleats in the back than the alternative 8-yard kilt, that is suited to warmer climates.

Here at the Scotland Kilt Company, our traditional kilts are handmade and offered in a variety of weights and fabrics, including 100% wool kilts. Every 5-yard kilt is available in a variety of tartans, from Stewart Royal to the Maclean of Duart weathered tartan, so that you can be sure to find the perfect kilt to represent your Scottish heritage and clan.

Pair with a Prince Charlie jacket for formal occasions or, alternatively, match your 5-yard kilt with a Ghillie shirt for a casual but traditional ensemble.