Argyle Kilt Jackets

Argyle kilt jackets, also referred to as Argyll jackets, are a versatile alternative to customary highland dress suits. They are less formal than the tradition Prince Charlie suit jackets and can be worn to a variety of formal and non-formal events, ranging from weddings and christenings to graduations and anniversary parties.

Our Argyle jackets are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. From navy to black, you can find the perfect Argyle kilt jacket to match your personal style and elevate your aesthetic. We also have a range of tweed Argyle jackets to add pattern and texture to your look.

Pair your Argyle kilt jacket or tweed kilt jacket with one of our 5-yard kilts in a variety of tartans. Alternatively, couple the Argyle jacket with our tartan trews for a modern Scottish look.