A popular garment and a classy choice for formal events, kilts are a great addition to any wardrobe. Furthermore, with the right care and attention, 100% wool kilts are built to last. Here are a few tips to keep your kilt in tip top shape: 1. Hang up your kilt. The best way to store your kilt is to hang it up in a generous space in your closet or wardrobe so it can hang naturally. Neatly fold your kilt up as it would be worn (pleats in the back, smooth part in the front) and use a clip hanger or a wooden clamp hanger to keep the waist pressed tightly together. You don't want any sagging! For protection against dust and moths, store the kilt in a plastic garment bag. 2. Keep babywipes handy. If you spill anything on your kilt, clean immediately! The best method for spot cleaning is to use baby wipes ("those sweet-smelling ones for cleaning baby bots!" according to the Scottish Tartan Authority.) or a clean cloth with warm to cool water. However, if neither of the those methods manage to remove the stain, try a spot cleaner but test it on the inside of the kilt first. 3. Cold water only! The real enemies of wool are heat and agitation. So, if you are brave enough to attempt to clean your own kilt, cold, not icy, water with a wool friendly soap is a wonderful option. Here is a forum discussion with a few different methods of cleaning your kilt with this combination. 4. Choose your dry cleaner wisely. Many people would advise against using a dry cleaner as the chemicals they use have the potential to be more damaging to a wool kilt than cleansing. However, I wouldn't completely discount this option, just be cautious in making your choice. Talk with your dry cleaner before hand to make sure they have the ability to get the job done right. If you do send your kilt to a dry cleaners, it may be a good idea to baste your kilt pleats before hand. Also, DO NOT let the dry cleaner press the kilt for you unless they really know what they are doing! Search 'baste your kilt pleats' on google and you sould be able to find some good how to instructions online. 5. Pressing a kilt takes patience, don't rush it. Before pressing (like dry cleaning) a kilt should be basted to maintain the shape of the original pleats of the kilt. Skipping this step could (well, most likely will) have disastrous results for your kilt. Here is a good forum explaining of how to properly press a kilt. _________________ Hope this helps some of you kilt owners out there! Also If you don't have a kilt, or are looking to purchase another... NOW is the time! We have having a big sale, everything at least 10% off! Check out what is on offer, men's kilts, ladies' kilts. Ends September 30th.