Tweed was once considered to be an itchy, thick unpleasant material worn by old grumpy men, but it has evolved over the years. Tweed went from the retired mans shabby coat to being worn by the rich and famous in the mid 20th century, and even more recently, Harris Tweed has become fashionable and popular appealing to a large young audience. Attitudes to tailoring in general have changed over the years and, with all of us looking to make the most of our money, quality cloth that lasts a lifetime is winning every time. Harris is the most famous brand of tweed wool there is because a Harris Tweed Jacket epitomises decorum, luxury and timeless appeal. Here at The Scotland Kilt Company, we bring you the finest collection of Harris Tweed Jackets that perfectly capture traditional sophistication with contemporary design.

What Has Changed With Harris Tweed?

Tweed is still known to be very much the gentleman’s jacket but instead of elderly gentlemen, it is now young gents who desire this fabric, but why?

  • Colour: Gone are the days of dark dreary cloth, now designers embrace lighter shades and brighter colours. See our Angus, Hamish and Fergus blazers that come in fresh light colours and prints.
  • Design: Tweed is still designed with the outdoors still very much in mind; its resistance to all weather elements makes it the perfect fabric to withstand the harsh UK weather. This no longer means only one style of jacket; we offer a range of different designs of jackets and blazers in a variety of modern fits.
  • Prestige heritage is for everyone: Tweed is not only a masculine fabric; coats and jackets are now available and very popular with women. See our ladies wear featuring shooting coats and red tartan check jackets.
  • Modernised Cloth: Tweed is woven differently now and is much lighter. This does not mean it has lost any of its durability as it still remains a strong material but does not feel heavy to wear. We offer many lightweight options that still adhere to the traditional charm of heritage fashion.
  • Contemporary fashion: Heritage brands are at the height of fashion meaning tweed is being used in a number of designer collections as well as the high street offering their take on it too - although these tend to be mimicking the real thing. All this generates a younger audience and increases tweed’s appeal and accessibility.

Harris Tweed Jackets At The Scotland Kilt Company:

One thing that hasn’t changed with Harris Tweed is its quality, Harris Tweed say themselves: “Harris Tweed is about quality and style, history and heritage... When you buy Harris Tweed you are guaranteed the best”* and we honour this message with every Harris Tweed Jacket we bring to you. Our jackets and blazers are of authentic Harris Tweed wool and enjoy the combination of old and new, for example, our Rory Jacket combines a traditional design with stylish touches such as elbow patches, leather buttons, ticket pocket and luxury lining. We offer the highest quality wool with excellent craftsmanship ensuring you invest in the finest clothing for your wardrobe to be worn time and time again. See our full collection online. Come and join this young ladies and gentleman’s trend by speaking to us today. Call: 0131 553 3472 or email: