Men's Cummerbunds

Cummerbunds are a fantastic alternative to a waistcoat worn under a suit or tuxedo. Originating in India to help keep men cool, cummerbunds are a pleated piece of fabric that is tied around the waist and is designed to disguise any bunching from formal shirts being tucked into trousers.

The combination of a matching bow tie and cummerbund is an iconic style for black tie events such as weddings, graduations, and balls. Men’s cummerbunds are traditionally worn with the pleats facing upwards, as a ‘crumb catcher’ to prevent mess, and helps to smarten up any formal outfit.

Here at the Scotland Kilt Company, we provide an extensive range of stylish and timeless cummerbund in a variety of colors and fabrics. Our tartan cummerbund is a popular option that is available in a variety of tartans, allowing you to represent your Scottish heritage and clan with pride.